Canal +

Canal +, the most watched pay channel in Spain, chose Plenty to develop their on-air image after going through a tough pitch process.

Our goal was to renew the bond and connection between more than 14 channels from the antenna to their audience through multiple on-air and online / digital actions and social networks apps.

With the inner elements of the social network like hashtags, tags, memes and emoticons we developed a close connection between the channel and the audience that has become a trusted community, the Community +.

Motion Design


The emotipluses complement the dialogue established by all of our graphic elements, adding a fresh and fun graphic resource that lightens the conversation, contributing an emotional link.

Animation of the emotipluses was key to the channel voice.


The acknowledged the important of the + sign in the channel images and use it as the main element to define the animation. It works as the pointer on the PC or the finger on the touch screen devices, and generates the motion to go from one screen to the other.

Print Work

From Online to OnAir: Canal+ App "Abusa de Tu ImaginaciĆ³n"

We created an app where the viewers can create their own Bumpers. In the first one they can choose the image of the show, the text and upload a picture of themselves. On the second one they can also select the show and the text, but here they can also record an audio for the piece. The best pieces were selected to be broadcasted and the rest were uploaded to the app page where the viewers could share them!

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