Coppel – Always on

3D Animation
Live Action
Mix Media

We never tire of exploring mixed media and all the challenges it brings. That's why we've created the most fun and warm scenarios for our characters to live in, connected with their Coppel Cell Phones.

The team brought to life all the magic and benefits the brand has to offer in the most creative way for the three campaigns that frame Always On.

Before we dive into the 3D world, we like to visualize the timing of each scene with all it takes to reach a final cut that depicts in the best possible way the script and client needs.



Coppel Icons development
We've created a set of icons representing the Coppel spirit to enhance and portray the variety of benefits and products that the brand offers. Choosing a vibrant yet sutil look that creates brand awareness in multiple campaigns.


Excecutive Creative Director: Mariano Farias

Director: Natalia Ramadori

Executive Producer: Pedro Reales & Gladys Esquivel

Art Director: Natalia Ramadori

Production Coordinator: Paula Pescio

Design: Nicko Reyna, Lautaro Pesano, Kleberth Gomez, Natalia Ramadori, Carol Erique, Maximiliano Vera, Nohely Wild, Daniela Marello

Lighting & Shading: Nicko Reyna, Lautaro Pesano, Kleberth Gomez, Natalia Ramadori

Animation: Nicolas Pellegrino, Juan Ignacio Garay, Leonardo Martin, Juan Levinton, Sebastian Pellegrino

Lead Animation: Sergio Slepzuk

Lead Compo: Maximiliano Lagraña, Nicolas Pellegrino

Agency : Vendaval

General Creative Directors: Luis Sánchez Zinny & Carmelo Maselli

Creative Directors: Alejandro Diéguez & Joaquín Etchegaray

Strategy Director: Pablo Lezama

Planner: Máximo De Ambrosi

Digital execution: Jennifer Leszczuk & Facundo Martínez

COO: Lucía Villamil

Account Manager: Victoria Fernández Villar

Client : Coppel

Andrea Almeida Beltran, Anahí Castaños Bernal, Krishna Quintero Gamboa