Coppel – Hoy Estreno

We created this simple yet challenging spot for Coppel together with our friends at Brands&People.

We go into and out from devices by playing with false perspectives, using a visual resource called graphic cubism in which objects can be turned 90 degrees without altering the layout or its legibility, but changing the aesthetic of the composition, and in this case, being able to keep the camera from turning or changing directions, but instead going in a straight line throughout the whole spot. Director´s Cut.

Mixed Media
Motion Design

Directed by: Mariano Farias

Executive Producers: Ines Palmas, César Morán Mazo

Art Director: Valeria Moreiro

Design: Valeria Moreiro, Mariano Farias, Luis Sencio

Animation Director: Hernan Estévez

2D & 3D Animation: Hernan Estévez, Macs Riedel, Sergio "Fuego" Damonte, Mariano Farias

Graphic Design: Valeria Moreiro

3D Modelling: Luis Sencio, Federico Bogado, Benjamín Jagusiecsko

Lighting and rendering: Fede Kanno, Federico Bogado, Mariano Farias

Compositors: Benjamín Jagusieczko

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