Nat Geo Kids

2D Animation
3D Animation
Art Direction
Visual Identity

We're excited to announce the new brand image campaign for Nat Geo Kids. The project concept for this Rebrands was based on how to convert the Nat Geo logo, the world-famous Yellow Frame into a playful scenario taking the premise: "Because we know you are curious" as our starting point.

So we've focused on the Yellow Frame as the key element to transform Nat Geo, an adult brand into a positive, optimistic and kid relevant one: Nat Geo Kids.

Using the logo as a container, the idea was to give a constant brand presence in every type of communicational piece, creating unique, smart and distinctive content, intending to motivate kids to feel excited about exploring the visual campaign, and offering a flexible communication system through which the brand connects viewers through a non-written message.

Graphic Pack
We created 4 different graphic packs based on the main content pillars: Science & Sea, Nature, Animals and Space, with an extensive library of elements for each theme. A predominan color, a gallery of 3D objects and a set of patterns that build a strong and differentiated image along with the logo are the key elements for each pack.

The mix between 2D and 3D generates a connection with the kids. it feels as if they can intervine the elements and play with them on and off the screen.

Science and Sea





Off Air

On Line


Color Palette


On air

Promo Toolkit



Directed by: Plenty

Creative Director: Mariano Farias

Executive Producer: Inés Palmas

Art Direction: Federico Bogado, Nicolás Gloazzo

Producer: Clara Etcheverry, María Alvarez Chaus

Design: Federico Bogado, Fede Kanno, Javier Eyherabide, Nicolás Gloazzo

3D Modelling: Federico Bogado, Fede Kanno, Javier Eyherabide

Animation: Sergio Fuego Damonte, Hernán Estévez, Macs Riedel, Javier Eyherabide, Guillermo Zapiola

Rendering & Lighting: Federico Bogado & Fede Kanno

Compositing: Sergio Fuego Damonte, Macs Riedel, Javier Eyherabide

Music & SFX for Idents: Luciano Pérez

Client: National Geographic

SVP Brand Strategy National Geographic: Emanuele Madeddu

VP Branding National Geographic: Mariano Barreiro

Art Director Branding National Geographic: Natalia Español