Siemens – 175

Siemens Pointer Telegraph as our dawn, going through X-Rays and smart cities at noon, riding the Hydrogen Train following the sunset and, later on, arriving at the Digital-Twin World at dusk. That's the plot of this story. What fun did we have developing all these scenarios!

Mixed Media
Motion Design

The mix between all these different worlds is what makes this such a peculiar piece. Here! Take a closer look at some of its details:

These are some of the early sketches and process we did for the 2D cel animated character, that was later on integrated into a fully 3D environment.

Did you ever wonder how a Digital metaversy Twin looked like? This spot came to life thanks to the mix between different techniques and styles of animation. That of course, was a huge challenge to take on!

And since we're not afraid of singular aspect ratios, here's a 5.35/1 for you :)


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