The birth of total desing

3D Animation
Art Direction
Visual Identity

We were honored to create the Open Credits for the 3rd edition of the Brief Festival, Madrid, held in October 2017. This is the abstract representation of the design process, where we go through four stages: The Brief, The Void, The Structure , and The Light.

The New Design Era
The title refers to the theme of the talk that we gave on Saturday, October 28, at the closing of the Festival, where we present an idea that we have about the role of today's motion/graphic designer. They have become a multidisciplinary designer, who are involve themselves in design of spaces, including building structures, furniture, rooms, interior decoration, design of surfaces, lighting, color, texture, vegetation, taking much further the limits of traditional graphic design. And on top of all this is language of cinema, animation, behavior of objects, characters, and physical dynamics created by computer. So this designer is creating a whole parallel world.
All this is within the reach of the current designer with only a couple of tools, where they can do it by themselves, without the help of a technical-profile specialist. The objective is not functional but communicative, and their designs exist only in the digital environment, but they are designs at last and the viewer believes this designed world exists.

We have proposed to call this new multifaceted profession as "Total Design".


Creative Direction: Mariano Farías, Federico Kanno

Art Director: Federico Kanno

Creative Development: Natalia Español

Animatic & Montage: Mariano Farías

Executive Producer: Ines Palmas

Environment Design (Total Design): Federico Kanno, Mariano Farías

Graphic Design: Guillermo Zapiola

3D modeling: Federico Kanno, Nicolas Reyna, Guillermo Zapiola

3D lighting: Federico Kanno (Lead), Benjamin Jagusieczko

3D shading: Federico Kanno, Javier Eyherabide

3D animacion: Hernán Estévez, Guillermo Zapiola

2D animation: Guillermo Zapiola

Post: Hernán Estevez, Guillermo Zapiola, Javier Eyherabide

Production Coordinator: Mercedes Cánepa