Vibia – Plusminus

We had the pleasure of being invited by Six N. Five to bring to life this incredible project for Vibia and its new lighting line "PlusMinus".

Our job was to find a way to tell and animate the story, highlighting the details of each of these products, playing with the fluidity of light.

We would like to give special thanks to Ezequiel Pini for trusting us to be part of this beautiful project

Motion Design

We were inspired by the sunset and the intimate atmosphere created by it. A delicate and elegant melody created by Matias Schiselman, accompanies us on this journey through the house designed by Six N. Five. Along the way we discover the Vibia luminaires

Animatic created by Sergio Slepzuck


For this second piece, we allowed ourselves the license to make the architectural structures more flexible in order to show different configurations of the beautiful lamps of the "PlusMinus" series by Vibia.



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