Volkswagen – Think Blue

3D Animation
Art Direction

DDB Mexico and The Maestros contacted us to work in the new Volkswagen campaign. We created five commercials under the slogan "Think Blue" , which invites us to protect the environment on a day to day basis. The campaign is in line with the values ​​of the brand: innovative , valuable and responsible.

We gave life to a city and its surroundings made ​​completely of paper where VW cars move freely and interact with various characters especially created to highlight the characteristics of each car. Blue is the chosen color for the campaign, as established in the car industry as an eco- friendly color, along with the white maintained the characteristics of the campaign.

We are very happy that we were awarded by the Creative Circle of Mexico a Gold award Gold for the Golf spot and Silver for Tiguan.

Live action Intro and Outro: Provided by DDB Mexico and The Maestros Music: "Would not it be nice" The Beach Boys cover by Kayla Williams, used only for this reel with no commercials purpose transitions. This is the first part of the work. They are the first three commercial of the entire campaign. We'll update the post soon with the two remaining spots.

Character Design

Environment Design


Art & Motion Direction: Plenty

Art Direction: Pablo Alfieri

Motion Direction: Mariano Farias

Character Restyling: Claudio Iriarte, Yesica Pogorzelsky

3D Modeling: Juan Martin Miyagi, Lautaro Gonzalez

3D Texturing & Lighting: Daniel Bel, Jules Guerin, Sebastian Curi

Postproduction: Matias Mastrogiano, Sebastian Curi

Montage & Edition: Mariano Farias

Production: Inés Palmas

Creative Direction: FunJob

Scripts & Character Design: FunJob

Sound Design: Norman Bambi

Special Thanks to: Andres Reisinger, Hernan Estevez, Elda Broglio for the Pitch Process