Good Books – We Need to Talk About Alice

New Zealand based agency String Theory commissioned us to created to be part of "Great Writers Series”. A collection of short films made to promote the non profit organization Good Books, an online charity book store that sells book and donates all proceeds to Oxfam, an organization that fights hunger and poverty since 1995.

Plenty had the honor of creating this short film based on Lewis Carroll's "Alice's adventures in Wonderland" to commemorate the book's 150th anniversary.

Motion Design

Our Cute and Tattooed Alice

iven that it's such a well known book and there's so many versions of it already, we knew we had to find a personal twist to the story. The idea was to create a modern Alive who's sexy, has tattoos and white hair. The script had a twist already with the characters eating books, and String Theory gave us total creative freedom. This allowed us to play, have fun and improve ourselves.

Character design

The Character Design process it was one of the big challenges! First of all, we wanted to respect the first characters from John Tenniel and the well-known character design from the 1951 Disney film. Our idea was to keep some details and aspects of each character with little twists to make them more contemporary and modern.

Besides the design, we changed the way that you perceive each character through their personalities. We created a crazy Hare that eats animals, a Rabbit who rides a monocycle and a fatty Rose who's allergic to herself. The most complex personality is the Mad Hatter. He's elegant, skinny, well-educated but also he has psychotics breakdowns.

Concept Art

Color Key

Props Design

Environment Design

Books Design


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