Plenty More

3D Animation
Art Direction
Visual Identity

This is a very special project for us, it's about Plenty More, our new decentralized creative agency.

We had to make clear why we were doing this initiative which implied generating a clear context but we didn't want to lose the fantasy that animation has always given us, so we worked hard on the script to meet our expectations.

A big part of our team collaborated during all the production, which made everyone leave their mark and deepen their capabilities.

We got into character design, this time being our own client, and the process was very enriching.

Atypical profiles, bright colors, hypnotic transitions and unexpected textures were the guidelines for the whole piece.

Character Design

2D Process & Exploration



Directed by: Plenty

Creative Director: Mariano Farias & Victoria Sanchez

Script: Mariano Farias, Victoria Sanchez, Rodrigo Lema

Executive producer: Pedro Reales

Coordinator: Gladys Esquivel

Art Director: Victoria Kociman

Character design: Victoria Kociman, Sergio Slepczuk

Concepts: Victoria Kociman, Javier Eyherabide, Francisco Capuzzi, Mauro Bressan, Daniela Marello, Manuel Freixas, Daniel Rivas, Luis Lopez

Motion animation Director: Sergio Slepczuk & Hernan Estevez

Animation: Mariano Farias, Hernan Estevez, Carol Erique, Pablo Pargament, Esteban Blazquez

Characters animation Director: Sergio Slepczuk

Lithing & shading: Mariano Farias, Benjamin Jagusziecszko, Javier Eyherabide, Daniel Rivas

Simulations: Victoria Kociman, Javier Eyherabide, Luis Lopez

Lead CG: Benjamin Jagusziecszko

Modelling: Benjamin Jagusziecszko, Nicolas Reyna, Pablo Grebe

Riggin: Benjamin Jagusziecszko

Lead & Compo: Max Lagraña, Sebastian Pellegrino

Music: Jesus Mucci

VO: Jonah Schwartz

Exports & subs: Paula Pescio