Ualá approached us with a fun idea: they wanted a full cgi spot to explain the benefits of their app, and to bring the user closer to the services they provide.

With or minds set on explaining all the possibilities the company has to offer, we developed the characters in daily situations, and sought to convey how easy-to-use and intuitive the app is.

Motion Design

We used a color palette that initially derived from the brand itself, and we added some shades that convey warmth and simplicity. Then we got down to design the several sceneries, both outdoors and in the comfort of home. They all give you a sense of intimacy, simplicity and freedom. The end result is this cheerful and positive piece that shows how the digital world can coexist in our daily life in a natural way.

Character development

From the starting look dev, our first 2D explorations, both on paper and digital, until we reached the final result in CGI, we developed these lovely characters taking all into consideration: the clothes they wear, their gestures and expressions, the movement of their hair, the spaces they inhabit and, of course, their pet!

Hairing up

Going 3D


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