Fx Turkey – I Am FX

Fx Turkey called upon us to make a print campaign with graphics for both magazines and outdoors, along with a 40-second promo, bringing together their major series such as American Horror Story and The Walking Dead among others.

Mixed Media

We ventured to make a piece that combines several techniques of animation CGI, 2d vector, and traditional interacting with the character of FX.

The idea was to give life to the script through an actor who tried to represent each of the main characters of the series of FX in various situations that are not so fortunate, but he always gets away! like a fierce zombie attack, a fall into nothingness or overcoming the fear of a real Freak Show.


Directed by: Plenty

Art & Motion Direction: Pablo Alfieri

Graphic Design: Federico Kanno

Illustration: Claudio Iriarte, Sergio Slepczuk & Pablo Alfieri

Storyboard: Estudio Lochabones

Animatic: Claudio Iriarte

Cell Animation: Guido Lambertini, Fernando Toninello, Sergio Slepczuk & Germán Merlo

2D Glitch Transitions & Typography Animation: Guido Lambertini

3D Modeling, Simulation & Animation: Waypoint

3D Shading, Texturing & Lighting: Waypoint

Lead VFX: Matias Mastrogiano

Composition & VFX: Matias Mastrogiano, Daniel Calvo, Leopoldo Castro & Ignacio Arevalo

Montage: Pablo Alfieri & Mariano Farias

Production: Inés Palmas & Cesar Morán Mazo

Live Action Production company: Motion Group

Live Action Director: Pablo Alfieri

DIrector of Photography: Sebastian Gallo

Live Action Production: Guillermo Mutis

Actor: Martín Crespo

Make-up & wardrobe: Suzuki Diaz

Backstage & Photography: Nahuel Berger

Client: Fox International Channels Turkey

Production company: Motion Group

Creative Director: Ömer Meral

Producer/Script/Concept: Mine Aslan

Head of Marketing: Burçin Gülşen

Sr. Brand Manager: Gizem Töre

Sr. Multimedia Designer: Berge Gazen

Motion Graphics Designer: Evren Halbuni

Original Music Composition and SFX: Radium Audio

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