No Time – Plenty’s short film

Motion Design

Globalization and technology have shaped our civilization, offering us immense opportunities.

The anxiety of being surpassed by these same advances is overwhelming, taking away our time to pause and reflect.

However, it is in this same chaos where we can find the moment to breathe, readjust priorities, and seek balance.

What will be the new challenges of the future? What will be the new concerns?

Find the moment, take a pause, and keep going.

In this original production by Plenty, we explore both the sensations of overwhelm and pause, and the different ways of representing these concepts. Let's take a look at the process.

We tackle the uncertainty AI brings to our industry by leveraging it as a tool. We aim to depict the ‘evolution’ of human-made technology -from stone tools to smart cities- in an instant.

They say fears must be faced and overcome, and that's exactly what we're doing by embracing AI.


Creative Director: Luis López

Executive Production: Pedro Reales, Gladys Esquivel

Production: Stefania Aizaga, Paula Pescio

Art Director: Luis López

Art: Luis López, Javier Eyherabide, Nicolás Reyna, Mauro Bressan, Agus Bobadilla, Maximiliano Vera

Animation: Juan Ignacio Garay, Luis Lopez, Benjamín Jagusieczko, Pablo Ferreiro

Houdini Artists: Juan Ignacio Garay, Juan Levinton

AI Fx: Sebastián Pellegrino, Maximiliano Lagraña, Luis López

Compositing: Nicolás Pellegrino, Maximiliano Lagraña

R&D: Luis López, Agus Bobadilla

Music: Lolo Micucci

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